Employee Contact Information


This application is for Swansea Council staff only.
It provides you with a means of getting staff updates by Council email or to your personal email address or mobile.
We'll use your information to send you updates on the Coronavirus situation and in future we will send you staff news and information (including staff discounts).

If you are using the system for the first time you will be required to enter a minimum of either your Swansea Council Employee Number or your Work Email address.
If you do not have a work email address or only enter your staff number you must also provide either a personal email address or mobile phone number.

There is no need to enter any other information at this point, but any other information you enter at log in will also be saved.

Once you have entered your information, click on the Send Verification Code button. This will create and send you a four digit verification code.
The code will be sent via any one of the three contact methods you have filled in.
If you have filled in more than one contact method the system will default to Mobile Number (if entered) and will then try your Work Email address and lastly your Personal Email address.
Once you have received the verification code, enter it into the Verification Code field and click on the Log In button.
If successful you will then access the application

Employee Number
Work Email
Personal Email
Mobile No.
Verification Code
If you have any issues with the application please email Apps_Support@Swansea.gov.uk